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YIS Sponsors

Community. Love. Yoga.

YIS is so grateful for our sponsors. It is through your generosity YIS is possible. 

Current Sponsors:


Delevan-Grider Community Center

The Delavan-Grider Community Center donates their space every Wednesday and Saturday for our FREE community classes. Check out the center and all of their programs here.


Here to Be: Lululemon

Lululemon Athletics Here To Be Program sponsored scholarships for People of Color to take our Yoga for 12 Steps Teacher Training Program and our 200-hour Trauma-informed Program so that we can increase the diversity and representativeness or our teachers- one of our core values. 


Buffalo Marathon

Our Saturday Community classes at the Delavan-Grider Center are supported by the Buffalo Marathon! Each year YIS partners with the Buffalo Marathon to serve the runners at THE BEST WATER STOP EVER!!!  We share the values of health and exercise with the Buffalo Marathon. To learn more about the Buffalo Marathon or sign up the the next RACE! click here! 


Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus

BNMC is committed to the health of our community members in Buffalo. The BNMC has granted YIS funds to offer free community yoga classes on the BNMC to community members, members of the BNMC, medical personnel, and patients and patients’ families


Power Yoga Buffalo

Power Yoga Buffalo supports Yogis in Service by  sponsoring one class for the entire year. PYB also supports YIS by donating their yoga studio for our monthly meetings. More, that donate their lost-and-found yoga mats so that YIS can give them a loving new home. Over the years PYB has made generous financial donations and donated studio space for events such as 108 Sun Salutations.

Buffalo Community

Buffalo Community

Thanks to the generosity of the Buffalo community through our yearly events, Yogis in Service is possible. We are grateful for each of you and all the ways you contribute to YIS. 

Past Sponsors:

A special thank you to The Bird's Nest for donating their studio for 2018 Children's Yoga Teacher Training program. This is the equivalent to sponsoring four classes a year! We encourage you to check out all of the exciting classes the studio has to offer. 

Love in Motion generously donated their studio for our entire first YIS 200-Hour Yoga Training in 2017. Love in Motion has hosted many fundraisers and mat drives for YIS. We encourage you to check out all of the exciting classes the studio has to offer. 

Interested in Becoming a Sponser?

The YIS Sponsorship Program gives individuals, businesses, yoga studios, and foundations a way to sponsor our community classes. Classes can be sponsored for a year, 2 years, 5, years, or 10 years. You can also sponsor scholarships for teacher training or multiple community classes.

Sponsorship Possibilities: (Note, we are actively seeking sponsors for our veterans, school, prison, adult cancer treatment support, children’s cancer treatment support, pride, substance use, domestic violence classes, and medical residents classes, as well as our teacher training scholarships).

  • $2,500 to sponsor 1 year of a Community Center Class, Cancer Treatment Support class, Pride Center Class, Substance Treatment Center Class, Prison, Medical Residents, or a Domestic Violence Shelter Class.

  • $3,000 for a scholarship for the 200-hour trauma-informed, community yoga teacher training.

  • $1,500 for a scholarship for the 95-hour children’s teacher training.

If you are interested, please contact us and we help you make that happen!  We’d love to celebrate our partnership online and through social media– and you can sponsor anonymously or confidentially if you’d like. We are also seeking a permanent home studio on the East side. If you are a developer and are interested in supporting a not-for-profit in your space on the East-side- please reach out to us.

YIS Supporters

Platinum (over $1,000)

  • Lululemon Buffalo (We are proud to the there lululemon Buffalo Here To Be Partner)

  • Solid 716 (Jonathan Casey- donating many, many hours of time building our studio)

  • Obrien Floors (Wayne O’Brien and crew- donating the floors and all installation)

  • Ingram Micro (serval generous donations)

  • The Cottone Family (Catherine thanks Chloe, Maya, and Jerry)

  • Purrington Moody Weil LLP – Thank you for the 501(c)(3)!

  • Meahgan Kelsey- Thank you for the ongoing legal advice and the Trade Mark App!

  • Leslie Rothschild

  • Joanne Wu

  • Frank Sturniolo with Cannon Designs (Gift of Services)

Gold ($500 to $1000)

  • Richard Amico​

  • Hope Comerford​

  • Power Yoga Buffalo (and donated studio space for our meetings)​

  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Giallanza

  • Steven Procknal​

  • Lindsay Kennedy

  • Mary Carney

  • Marissa Bland

  • Giallanza Foundation

Silver ($100 to $500)

  • Amy Alvarez

  • Dominika Tanianis

  • Melinda Scime​

  • Kathleen & Steve Boyd​

  • Tim and Heather Bronson​

  • Vivian Figliotti

  • The Cook Family

  • Snyder Psychological Services

  • East Meets West Yoga

  • Bonnie Prunella

  • University at Buffalo, Class of 2016/2018 Occupational Therapy

  • Beth and Robert Rosen

  • Michelle Schwach

  • Nancy and Danny Irwin

  • Jody Quinn

  • Kaeylen Sullivan

  • Megan Sackman- Yoga One


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