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Requesting Support

Would you like to request the support of Yogis in Service?

In order to request support from Yogis in Service, you must attend one of our monthly meetings and present your project to our members. After projects are presented, potential programs are voted upon by the Yogis in Service Board of Directors. Programs are offered based on their alignment with our mission, as well as our current resources and availability. 

To prepare for presenting to our members, please prepare a one-page document with the following information (and more if you have it!):

  • What support you are looking for

  • Why you are looking for this support

  • What inspired you to seek out this service

  • What type of commitment you are seeking (days/times/number of weeks, etc.)

  • How many people will be involved

  • How to contact you for additional information

Please contact us with any questions. 

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